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Newspaper TEXAS USCHINAPRESS reports about the welcome reception   (in simplified Chinese)  for our new president Dr. Louis Agnese at Texas Health and Science University

 From Left to right: Dr. Cai, Dr. Agnese, Jr., Consulate General Qiangmin Li, Dr. Henry Bonilla, Mr. Wen Huei Chen, Dr. Shu-Chiang Lin

On May 29th, at the special welcome reception for our new president Dr. Louis J. Agnese, Jr., we were honored to have Consul General of the People’s Republic of China, Mr. QiangMin Li, and former congressman Dr. Henry Bonilla as our speakers. In the picture as well is Dr. Cai, the Academic Dean for THSU. Mr. Chen is the Vice President for International Affairs, and Dr. Lin is the Vice President of Academic Affairs.  


From left to right: Dr. Louis Agnese, Jr., Chinese Consulate General Li, and Vice President Chen

Vice President Chen with Consul General Li in the school’s clinic

Consulate General Li visiting the clinic’s herb room. 

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