Established in 1990

Accessibility Policy

Texas Health and Science University (THSU) is committed to making its website and all other web based applications accessible for all users, including but not limited to the entire university community. We strive to implement and adhere to the inclusion of students, faculty, staff and guests. We have modeled our requirements after state and federal regulations. We strive to improve accessibility for our users and in order to do this, we remain focused on the most current policies and standards for creating and maintaining an accessible Web site. When and if THSU adds new sites, we will check for accessibility compliance and we continue to assess current sites to make sure they remain in compliance. 


  1. Section 508 of Americans with Disabilities Act
  2. Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 206
  3. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0


Technology continues to advance and evolve, because of this we understand that the way web content is accessed, consumed and utilized changes extremely fast. We understand that websites that are in violation of standards can be shut down and because of this, our content at this time is under remediation. While Texas Health and Science University strives to fulfill both state and federal standards, we are currently undergoing accessibility compliance assessment for our website and web based applications. This will allow us to improve and update our content. 

Reporting an Issue

If a user finds content to be difficult to use with assistive technology, please contact the THSU Website administrator. Please send your name, contact information, the accessibility issue you are experiencing, and the web site address or page where you are experiencing the accessibility issue at. 


Phone Number: (512)-444-8082