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All international students fall under the regulations of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. College procedures and regulations for non-U.S. citizens must comply with federal law; hence, admission requirements for international students, including permanent residents, differ from those for United States citizens.

For Information of the Student Visitor and Exchange Program visit the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement website.

Step 1. Submit the Admissions Application

Application Fee $150
Takes less than 10 minutes

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Step 2. Provide English Language Proficiency

English Language Proficiency Options

- Speaks English as their official or native language.
- Graduates from a U.S.-accredited high school.
- Transfers from or holds a degree from an institution accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education or from an English language institution in another country.
- TOEFL Scores (requirements vary depending on the program)

Step 3. Submit Required Documents

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- Official transcripts in (both your native language and English)
- Course-by-course evaluation of all foreign (not from the U.S.) academic transcripts
- Proof of sufficient financial resources (bank statement or a proof of funds statement) Click Here for the Form
- 1 Page Letter of Interest
- 2 Letters of Recommendation
- Digital Passport photo
- Copy of Passport
- Copy of licenses or certificates in the Healing Arts (if applicable)
- Copy of university diplomas in your native language and English

Step 4. Interview with your Academic Dean

Why Do I Need to Interview?

As a part of the admissions process, you meet with your Academic Dean for introductions, to answer program questions, and to help you transition to THSU.
Meet the Administration

Step 5. Receive your Acceptance Letter !

Step 6. Complete the Enrollment Documents

This will include the enrollment agreement, receipt of the student handbook, a photo release form, and submitting the tuition deposit.

*An I-20 will be provided after this step is completed

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Step 7. After your F-1 Visa is Approved

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