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Licensure Requirements for the State of Texas


Information on licensure requirements is available under Texas Medical Board Rules Chapter 183, Procedural Rules for Licensure Applicants, located at The following is paraphrased from that rule. Admission candidates are encouraged to read the entire rule and licensure information at . The applicant must:

  • Be at least 21 years of age;
  • Submit an application online for licensure and pay the $320 application fee;
  • Complete 60 credits of general academic college courses, other than in an acupuncture school, that are not remedial;
  • Complete 1,800 clock hours of Acupuncture training from an accredited acupuncture school;
  • Complete 450 clock hours of the required 1,800 clock hours in herbal training;
  • Graduate from an accredited acupuncture school;
  • Take and pass all modules of the NCCAOM examination within 5 attempts;
  • Take and pass the CCAOM Clean Needle Technique Course and Practical Examination;
  • Take and pass the jurisprudence examination and pay the $61 fee.

A temporary license may be issued prior to the meeting of the Acupuncture Board upon completion of the application process.

Temporary licenses are issued at the discretion of the Executive Director and are valid for 100 days. In addition a 30-day extension may be requested if necessary.

There is a processing fee of $107 for a temporary license. This fee must be paid in addition to the application-processing fee of $320.


NCCAOM Certification Information


Texas Health and Science University assists its students with test preparation and offers study materials in the library geared specifically towards this purpose. Detailed information on the NCCAOM certification examinations may be located at: Students must pass exams required for licensure in the state in which they plan to practice, prior to starting their practice. Students are urged to plan to take certification exams during their third year in the program, as experience has shown that those who do are more successful in passing the exams. The Oriental Medicine (OM) Certification Application and four exam modules required for licensure in Texas currently cost $1,795.

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