THSU’s president, Dr. Lou recently attended the 2019 Guangdong Province’s Chao-Zhou Chamber of Commerce, Adult Ritual and International Youth Association Gathering in China (August 8). Along with visiting friends and business associates of many years, Dr. Lou delivered a speech on behalf of THSU in which he advocated for cultivating stronger ties between China and the university through enhanced student exchange programs and mutual participation in events that bring Eastern and Western culture together in celebration. Below are some pictures of the event.

Dr. Lou at the podium while delivering the speech.


Dr. Lou at the podium during the singing of China’s national anthem.


Dr. Lou assisting with the ringing of a ceremonial gong. Included are Mr. Cai Dong-shi; Mr. Xu De-li; the honorable monk, Mr. Ming-sheng; and Mr. Zhou Yi-fong.


Dr. Lou visiting with students, staff, and faculty at Jinan University.