Established in 1990


May 07 2020

2 Full-Time Acupuncturists Needed for Cedar Park Clinic (THSU Alumni)

May 7, 2020. YES, we are looking for a great Team Member during this pandemic.  We have been in business for 12 years and have a strong foundation which has allowed us to grow and expand even during this COVID-19 pandemic.


Do you produce great results for 90% of the people you’ve treated?


Are you tired and frustrated with running your own clinic and just want to be able to focus on producing great results for patients?


Are you looking for a team that can take all the admin and marketing responsibilities off your plate, so that you can focus on producing great results for patients?


Are you looking for a company that measures everybody’s production based on statistics and not based on feelings?


Are you looking for a team that doesn’t have Drama and Politics?


Are you looking for a team where there’s no favoritism and everybody is held accountable?


Are you tired of having to constantly pick up the slack for another team member and not getting paid for it?


Are you looking for a company where everybody is expected to work hard?


Are you a new graduate and would like to be working on a team that also has mentorship to help you become a great practitioner?


Are you looking for company where you are pushed to grow both professionally and personally?


If you answered YES to all of the above questions, then Team Achieve wants you on our team, as that’s our Team Culture. We understand that most people don’t want all of the above in their work life, but we aren’t looking for most people, we are looking for people like you.


We are doing something unique at Achieve Integrative Health, as our mission is to help 1 million people make pain and suffering optional through natural healing. We have the daily opportunity to improve the lives of the people in our community and that requires a unique kind of team member. Are you that team member we are looking for?


* Produce 80-90% results for the clinic’s patients
* Retain the patients you treat
* Organize and keep all treatment and therapy areas clean
* Perform all manual therapies (ex: gua sha)
* Complete all medical documentations in a timely manner (Soap notes, Thermal scan reports)


* exudes positive energy, self-starter, self-motivated
* strong communication and customer service skills
* good with computers and technology
* strong Listening skills
* No Experience required, but must be HUMBLE
* Must have passion to help people restore their health naturally
* Must have passion for constant personal growth
* Must have high energy, great smile, great attitude
* Must love to sell the Gift of Health


Monday – Thursday (8am to 6pm), Friday (8am to 12pm), 1 hour lunches


* Training Salary: 90 day probational period, salary negotiable
* After the 90 day probation, if you are accepted onto our Team your compensation will be: base salary + performance based bonuses
* In house Medical Services for Team Members (acupuncture, manual therapy, infrared sauna, infrared imaging, dietary consultations, functional pulse diagnosis, lab reviews) for FREE
* Paid Time Off, paid holidays
* Personal Development Training
* Opportunities for career advancement
* Additional perks and discounts
* Paid Malpractice Insurance for qualifying employees
* All medical equipment supplied


* email us your resume to
* email us a 60 second video telling us why you are wanting to join our team?
* email us the answer to the following questions:


Q: How do you like to receive feedback?
Q: Are you legally allowed to work in the U.S.?
Q: What ways can management show you that they value you?
(note: incomplete applications will automatically be disqualified)