Established in 1990

San Antonio Campus Library

M-F: 8:30am – 5:30pm
Closed 1:00pm – 2:00pm (lunch)
S-S: Closed

9240 Guilbeau Rd #101

San Antonio, TX 78250

(Located behind the clinic classroom)

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About the Library

The San Antonio Campus library is a part of the THSU SA campus building. It is the smaller of the two campus’s libraries, mainly hosting materials for the TCM programs. Despite being smaller than the Austin campus library, the library is proud to offer hundreds of volumes dealing with health, science, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. In addition to the San Antonio offerings, all San Antonio students still have access to the entirety of the Austin collection. All materials are available via the library’s shared catalog. Access to the library catalog can be found on the library system’s main library page. Library materials are offered in a variety of formats including, books, journals and magazines, DVDs, realia, and digital formats. 


Also available to San Antonio students are THSU’s database subscriptions. All databases are available through the student Orbund account. 


In addition to the THSU library space, the library partners with the UIW Johnson Physical Therapy library to provide access to study space and in-library use of library materials. Students are required to read and understand the THSU SA Library Policy document before using the UIW Johnson Physical Therapy library space. All library policy documents are located on the library system’s main library page. 


For updates about the THSU library system, be sure to check out the main library page for announcements. 



The librarian is available to students, faculty, and staff during library business hours by phone and email. For after-hour requests, students are encouraged to email the librarian, who will respond the next business day. There is currently no full time librarian at the San Antonio campus. Librarian services are provided by the Austin librarian. 


P: 512-444-8082, ext. 110