Established in 1990

Student Affairs at THSU

Student Affairs at THSU

In order to maximize our students’ success, THSU has developed programs that will support students while at the university.  At THSU, our students, faculty and staff work together to foster excellence in their respective spaces to assist students in achieving academic excellence. With that said, the various communities at THSU facilitate collaborative learning and the development of leadership skills; increase opportunities for formal and informal mentoring; and, provide early recognition of needs-based assistance and effective interventions. THSU’s Department of Student Affairs serves to assist students in the pursuit of academic success, personal growth, career decisions and professional development.

Academic Counseling

Each program at THSU is assigned an Academic Dean who is there to support the academic, professional, and personal growth of the students at the university. Additionally, the Dean of Students on each campus is available to consult with students regarding any difficulties the student might be experiencing in the classroom and lower-than-expected grades, as well as personal challenges that impact academic performance.

Mentoring at THSU

Mentoring programs are offered through the THSU Student Association, the learning communities, and other interest groups. Interested students are paired up with peers and in some cases, can be introduced to faculty members and alumni based on fit or membership in the same learning community.

Faculty Involvement

Faculty members serve as mentors to students and frequently invite students who are not doing as well as they would like to meet with them individually. 

Financial Services

The Financial Aid Office at THSU provides services to applicants, potential applicants, and current students at various forums throughout the year, including admissions events, New Student Orientation, one-on-one advising sessions in accordance with learning community assignments, and group workshops or seminars on general financial and debt management topics offered throughout the year. The Financial Aid Office helps students through the financial aid application process and in their understanding of the financial aid program terms and responsibilities. The Financial Aid Office is specifically involved in the awarding, disbursement, and tracking of financial aid awards and can meet with students who need assistance or support as they might have questions regarding applying for financial aid, as well as on their overall educational indebtedness. 


All prospective students are notified of the policy and procedure in place for obtaining reasonable academic accommodations for documented disabilities. The admissions committee does not deliberate on any disabilities or requests for accommodation.  All accepted students are notified of the availability of accommodations and asked to contact the VP of Operations if they have any questions or concerns. Students who have previously documented disabilities are reviewed by the Accommodations Committee to determine what accommodations would be reasonable in supporting the student’s functioning during their academic program. Students who become concerned with their academic performance while enrolled in courses are self-referred or encouraged by faculty and staff to contact the VP of Operations and pursue assessment if appropriate.

Career Counseling

Students are encouraged to clarify their values, interests, and skills throughout their academic program to support their academic motivation, career development and decision making through faculty contact, while at THSU. Additionally, various resources are available on campus and at the library on career exploration resources. Students are encouraged to attend workshops in conjunction with his/her program and to consult with faculty or staff members to clarify educational goals and career plans.

ESL Program

THSU provides individual consultations for students needing assistance with English language listening, speaking, reading, or writing, skills. The program can coordinate with student-level examinations to assist with placement in the appropriate ESL Class when ESL classes are being offered.