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TCM Admissions FAQ’s

Traditional Chinese Medicine
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the course duration and when does the course commence? 

The length of the program is 10 trimesters, which is 3 years and 4 months. Classes begin 3 times a year: in January, in May, and in September.

What is the approximate total cost and living cost for international students?

The estimated total yearly expense is $44,523. Approximately $17,000 of that will be living expenses.

Will housing and meals be provided? 

No. Our university does not have student housing. However, we can provide some advice and guidance for students looking for an apartment.

Can I pursue a TCM program after I obtain my Bachelor's degree?

After an articulation of your transcript along with an evaluation for any international students, you should be able to enroll in our program. The United States and some international schools use different grading systems, so it is important for you to submit your college transcript for an equivalency evaluation. Until that is done, we wouldn't be able to say for sure if your degree meets our admission requirements. Are there any specific criteria that the bachelor's degree should meet? It is not necessary to have a certain type of degree, but it is necessary to have taken classes in the following general subjects: Humanities, Math & Science, and Social Studies. We require that you have taken a total of at least 36 U.S. credits from these three categories. 

What title do the graduates receive on accomplishing the degree? 

The current degree title is Master of Acupuncture with a Chinese herbal medicine specialization (MAc).  Is the graduate given doctoral recognition? This is a Master's level program. The degree qualifies you to practice fully as an acupuncturist, but it is not a doctoral degree and does not carry the title of "Doctor". There are doctoral degrees that you can pursue once you graduate from the MAc program. We should be offering one in the near future. Does this degree allow the graduate to start their own clinical practice? This degree will prepare you to take the NCCAOM acupuncture board exams. Once you have passed those board exams, you will be qualified to apply for your license in every state except California. We do not know what the requirements to become a practitioner are abroad, so you may want to look into that on your own.

The course details - What are the topics that the courses cover? 

There are four major categories that we cover in our program: Acupuncture and Point Location, Herbology and Oriental Medicine, Western Medicine, and Business Management. For individual course descriptions, you may go here: MACHM and click on Course Descriptions.

Does it include clinical practice/internship as well? Yes, the program includes a clinical internship. The requirements for this internship are: 900 total hours of internship and 350 total patients treated.