Established in 1990

Austin Campus Library

M-F: 8:30am – 5:30pm
Closed 1:00pm – 2:00pm (lunch)
S-S: Closed

4005 Menchaca Rd. 
Austin, TX 78704

(Located in the read of the building)

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About the Library

The Austin library is a part of the THSU  Austin campus building. It is the larger of the two campus’s libraries, hosting materials for both the TCM and Business programs. Library materials are offered in a variety of formats including, books, journals and magazines, DVDs, realia, and digital formats. 


While students are encouraged to purchase their own textbooks, the Austin works to maintain an up-to-date collection of course textbooks for students and faculty to use. Some of these textbooks are a part of the reference collection and for in-library use only, while others are available for student checkout. 


In addition to English collection items, the Austin library maintains a collection of Chinese language texts, which consists of over 500 hundred items. Items in this collection include Chinese language manuscripts, journals, and notes. The library takes particular pride in its collection of Traditional Chinese Medicine journals from China, covering the period from 1982 to the present. This collection is located in the back room of the library. Also located in the library’s back room are THSU’s collection of student dissertations. All dissertations are available for students to view in the library, and are available for limited checkout by faculty. 


Also available through the library are THSU’s database subscriptions. All databases are available through the student Orbund account. 



The Austin library is also pleased to announce it’s most recent addition to the library; a collection of Qi Gong and Yoga DVDs, which came to the library as part of a generous donation. All the DVD’s are available for student checkout. 


For more updates about the THSU library system, be sure to check out the main library page for announcements. 



The Austin librarian is available to students, faculty, and staff during library business hours by phone and email. For after-hour requests, students are encouraged to email the librarian, who will respond the next business day. 


P: 512-444-8082, ext. 110